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Saturday, November 8, 2008

If the First Ward Had Its Way . . .

Ken Dow would be our state senator and Anne Rubin would represent us in the State Assembly. But alas, in those two races, we didn't have our way.

Congratulations, First Ward voters! Preliminary results from the Board of Elections indicate that, of the 387 voters registered in the First Ward, 378 of you voted in Tuesday's election--although, curiously, that number was only achieved in the Congressional race.

Here are the results for the First Ward as they are currently being reported by the Board of Elections--before recanvassing and before counting the absentee ballots.

President/Vice President
Obama/Biden 201
McCain/Palin 58
McKinney/Clemente 2
Barr/Root 1
Nader/Gonzales 2

State Supreme Court Justice
McGrath 204
Carpinello 109

U.S. Congress
Gillibrand 305
Treadwell 73

State Senate
Dow 193
Saland 168

State Assembly
Rubin 137
Molinaro 84

City Judge
Koweek 136
Colwell 32
Herman 24
Leaman 58

You exercised your right as citizens of the United States, First Ward voters, and I am honored to serve you.